About website.

Introducing Sunshine Paradise – a website dedicated to sharing games and software with the blind community, created by Dao Duc Trung. You can find us online at ddt.one.

At Sunshine Paradise, our mission is to provide a platform for visually impaired individuals to access a wide range of software and games specifically designed with accessibility in mind. We understand that finding quality content that is easy to use and navigate can be a challenge, which is why we are committed to providing a diverse selection of games and software that are tailored to meet the needs of the blind community.

Whether you are looking for educational software to aid in learning, practical tools to help with daily tasks, or simply fun games to pass the time, Sunshine Paradise has you covered. Our website is regularly updated with new content, so there’s always something new to explore.

Created by Dao Duc Trung, Sunshine Paradise is the result of his passion for providing accessible technology to the visually impaired community. We are proud to offer a platform that empowers individuals to live more independently and enjoy the same level of access to technology as everyone else.

So come and explore the world of accessible software and games at Sunshine Paradise – the one-stop destination for the visually impaired community.

Important notes you need to know when using the website.

Software and games.

Most of the software or games shared here will have the following.

Free software.

Yes, There are software that developers leave it 100% free and you can download and use it, I will share it here.

Partially paid software.

There is software that you can download and use for free, but there will be other fees such as purchasing additional features of the software, or as with games purchasing additional in-game items.

And such software, other fees I will not be able to interfere.

Paid software.

There are software that the developer forces you to buy to use it and there are software that are very expensive but it is necessary.

And I will share the following 2 types.

Software crack.

There are software that I will crack or get from many other places to share for you to download and guide how to crack or install so you can use.

Software No crack.

There are pieces of software I can’t crack it, but it’s necessary and I’ll share it here. You must purchase it yourself to use it.

My Project or Collaborative Project.

There are projects that I collaborate with other organizations or individuals or create. For example.

  • This website was created by me and owned by me.
  • The contents of this website such as, Articles, Translated Descriptions, tutorials are owned by me.
  • Other developer’s software or game translated by me, The translation is owned by me.

Your responsibility and mine.

My responsibility. Sharers.

It is my responsibility to share with you software, games or other content that is accessible and necessary for the blind.

But the software or games I have crack and shared here because I know the following.

  • Not everyone can buy software because there is no money to buy it.
  • Want to try the software to see if it is good.
  • And many other reasons.

But whatever the reason, I’m not really in favor of crack and using that software for free. The software developer really tried to make it, So please support it if you can.

Your responsibility. User.

You download and use the content on this website for free and at no additional cost. What I need from you is simply.

  • Buy that software if possible.
  • Support software developers in many ways to help developers.
  • If you like this website, please support this site to keep it alive.

Words to developers.

If you agree when your software is shared here Or you agree to crack your software. Then just ignore this message.

You do not agree to any of my actions in relation to your software. Please contact me, I will remove it from the site.

Contact me.

You can contact me via the contact methods below.

Thank you for being here, Although English is not my native language, But I will improve the website as well as the English language so that you will have a better user experience.

Since the default language of the website is Vietnamese, there are times when you will see Vietnamese somewhere. Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or problems.